Another very popular classic stove!
The numerous imitations are simply missing the balance and the harmonic proportions which is the real essence of the TOPO. This finely tuned mix has ensured that the TOPO continues to be one of our best-selling stoves. The structured, slender sides are inspired by the classical Greek column. The wide panoramic glass front and the clean burn technology using the DAN SKAN automatic system make the TOPO a unique design both visually and technically.
  • Connection for external or direct air intake

    This, in combination with the patented automatic system, is a real DAN SKAN invention. Strategically placed at the back of the fire chamber, the AIRBOX uses the heat from combustion to pre-heat the external air.

    At the same time the AIRBOX is used as a connection for external air supply which can now be closed on all DIBt (a stringent German compliance scheme) tested models.

  • Hot purge air for exceptionally clean windows

    The special air wash system for the glass (secondary air) is pre-heated very intensively in special channels directly over the burning chamber. A DAN SKAN invention, which prevents soot particles getting on to the glass as much as possible.

  • Optional rear flue connection

    The new stoves with this symbol can also be connected to the chimney at the rear.

  • Glass font hearth plates available

    These offer many advantages over the normal plates, such as being easy to lift up for cleaning. They can be easily stored in summer and also look elegant (subject to local building regulations).

Height/Width/Depth (cm)
> 80
Side Elements
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Rot glänzend
  • Elfenbein
  • Erika
  • Falbe
  • Mangan
  • Fossil
  • Torf
  • Lava
  • Moos
  • Savanne dunkel
  • Tobacco
  • Soapstone
  • San Sebastian