Tertiary Air and i-AIR automatic combustion air

For decades all of our stoves have featured ‘Tertiary-Air automatic’ or ‘i-AIR automatic, the proven and innovative system, where the entire combustion process is independently and automatically regulated from the pre-fire start to the dying embers at the fire‘s end without the need for electricity. The heart of these automatic systems remains the clever DAN SKAN patented Bii-Metal spring control which regulates with the “i-AIR system’s” primary, secondary and tertiary air to maximise the stove‘s overall efficiency. With our classic ‘Tertiary-Air automatic’ the pre-heated post-combustion air known as tertiary air makes the combustion of the fuel especially clean and environmentally friendly.

Maximising highly efficient and environmentally friendly combustion requires constant adjustments to the flow and levels of combustion air. This would be virtually impossible to achieve, even for a stove expert, as you would need to constantly monitor the flame colour and character then regulate the air accordingly – a time-consuming process! Only a test laboratory could come close and only with the use of technically sophisticated equipment. When starting a fire a large amount of oxygen is needed to ignite the combustible material as quickly as possible, which then needs to be reduced to control the burn rate of the fuel so that it is not wasted – but not too much so that nuisance smoke and soot is created if the fuel is starved of combustion air. Good regulation of the correct combustion air can really only be achieved by using an intelligent automatic system which will consistently supply the fire with the necessary air: DAN SKAN i-AIR!

DAN SKAN-automatic systems regulate the air supply throughout the entire burning process to get the best performance out of your fuel and stove so that you don‘t have to. You can sit back and relax knowing that even the best test results achieved in the laboratory are easily achievable in the home, maximising fuel efficiency and minimising the environmental impact.

DAN SKAN stoves offer you a clear advantage because they do not need a fine particle filter !

Thanks to the patented Bi-Metal-automatic a cost-effective energy-efficient combustion process is established, which not only protects the environment but can also save you money. DAN SKAN‘s patented automatic system has been proven to extend the fuel burn time and reduce emissions by controlling the fire chamber temperature, which in turn results in lower heat losses.