Inefficient and improperly burning stoves contribute to atmospheric pollution, including the air that we breathe. Good combustion – meaning clean combustion, occurs at the highest burn temperatures and when there is also effective control of the combustion air. DAN SKAN designers have worked constantly to improve combustion techniques and reduce CO, including fine dust particulates so that all DAN SKAN stoves are tested to, and surpass, the strictest environmental standards making them some of the ‘greenest’ stoves in the world. The unique design of the fire chamber and the automatically controlled flow of the primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air delivers very clean and consistent burning ensuring that DAN SKAN stoves are as environmentally friendly as possible so that they can be used and relied upon in the future. Our low hydrocarbons and low fine particulates combined with the highest efficiencies are the result of nearly four decades of continuous DAN SKAN research and development work.

DAN SKAN stoves feature pre-heated post-combustion tertiary air, a particularly clean and environmentally friendly improvement to the combustion process. The effects of the tertiary air can be easily seen high on the flames at the top of the fire chamber, through the cleaner windows and by the exceptionally clean fire chamber linings. It is important to remember that the prerequisite of clean burning remains of course the use of dry fully seasoned wood with a moisture content of less than 18%. The elimination of operator errors through the intelligent and automatic control of the combustion air also determines a higher level of efficiency.

DAN SKAN ‘s automatic supply of combustion air, as well the additional pre-combustion air delivers the correct amount of combustion air at exactly the time that the fire needs it – for example, the bigger a fire is then the more air that is required to burn efficiently and burn off virtually all of the flue gases. The intelligent DAN SKAN stove simply regulates itself and therefore offers three distinct advantages for the user and for the environment:

  1. Extremely low-emission combustion
  2. Highest possible efficiency – less fuel used
  3. Simplicity of operation that maximises the benefits of points 1 and 2 above

Automatic Tertiary Air

The DAN SKAN automatic combustion air flow opens when the fire in the stove is large and closes when the fire burns down according to the needs of the fire. All of the subtle adjustments in between are carried out seamlessly – and automatically. Since the pre-heated tertiary air is fed into the top of fire chamber it is also used to ‘air wash’ the window to help keep it clean during combustion. Should you ever need to, the automatic system can be easily reset from the original factory setting (about 11 o‘clock – see diagram) to allow for individual installations and the strength of the available up-draught. For example, if the stove burns too strongly because of a strong up-draught then by using the correctly sized spanner the automatic lever can be moved forward to the 12 or even 1 o‘clock position. This will ensure that the control of the air flow will automatically open later in the cycle to contribute to a slower burning process.

Turn clockwise to loosen the lock screw
Turn anti-clockwise to tighten the lock screw