The service life of any stove is governed by the thickness and fire resistance of the materials used, especially within the fire chamber. The thicker the material then the more resilient to the effects of high temperature the stove will be. DAN SKAN materials are therefore chosen in accordance so that our stoves successfully pass a number of stringent stability and security tests.

For example, the DAN SKAN baking shelves, which are subject to the greatest effects of the fire are constructed with a minimum of 5 mm thick plate steel and all DAN SKAN door handles are made of solid stainless steel so that they remain robust and durable even after many years of operation.


Doors made from strong materials and with a solid construction are particularly important for the efficient and safe operation as well as the lifespan of your stove. DAN SKAN doors and carrying frames remain stable even after many years of use, opening and closing the same way they did when they were first new. Once you compare the quality and construction of DAN SKAN doors and frames with any others it‘s very easy to see DAN SKAN‘s many benefits.

The MODERN LINE stoves all feature superior strength cast iron doors whilst the double doors used in the CLASSIC range, not only provide excellent strength and stability, but they also enable the door to carry a bigger glass area, which in turn provides a much greater view of the fire.


A clear view of the fire and the wonderful flame patterns is one of the great pleasures of owning a stove. However, if the glass is to remain clean during operation it must have an effective air wash. Even the largest glass window on a DAN SKAN stove will remain clear because of the close proximity of the incoming fresh air to the glass – the closer it is then the more effective the air wash and cleaning process is at keeping the smoke and particulates away. In addition DAN SKAN windows benefit from being air washed at the top and bottom as well as from the sides. Stoves with air wash at the top only cannot provide the same air wash efficiency as a DAN SKAN stove.


All DAN SKAN fire chamber linings are constructed out of 30 mm thick heat-reflecting Skamol plates which remain strong and, stable during the extremely high temperatures of the firing process. DAN SKAN firebricks fit snuggly together, leaving sufficient room for expansion, and do not rely on grouting to maintain their stability so that they can always be easily replaced later, even by a novice. Grouted fire chambers look good at first but almost always fail later with bigger panels cracking during the expansion process.


A two-layered riddle grate, which can be closed for wood burning to shut off combustion air from below is definitely a ‘must have’ for any multi fuel stove. An original DAN SKAN innovation! A stove which can change simply from mineral fuel burning to wood burning is hardly thinkable without this DAN SKAN invention. So much so that many leading stove manufacturers adapted the DAN SKAN double-layered riddle grate, however our clever protected design is still the original and the best.


DAN SKAN stoves do not require the typical controls that you see on other stoves for the regulation of combustion air. On a DAN SKAN this work is taken over by the intelligent automatic bimetal ‘thermostat‘ system. The rectangular pull control, with the logo, on our Classic stoves (round on the Modern line) is the only control that you will need to use – and it‘s very simple. The pull control is adjusted by pulling outwards to open the supply of basic combustion air. The rest of the combustion air regulation is then taken over automatically by by the intelligent automatic bimetal system which will maintain an ideal supply of air. When burning the pull control is always open.


Regulation of the combustion air of any stove should be easy to see and immediately understand. The single central pull control on DAN SKAN stoves does exactly that because you can see at a glance if it is open or closed – no more fine tuning all those levers!


DAN SKAN stoves burn beautifully as if by magic! This is because at the heart of each of our stoves is the tried and tested bimetal automatic combustion control system. Complete control is taken over by a robust bimetal spring which is located above the baffle plate on the back wall of the stove in a durable well-protected ‘magic box’ – a highly reliable and proven technique.


The high efficiency of DAN SKAN stoves means that you use less wood. Our fire chambers, with their angular corners, are designed to improve heat reflection and thus deliver better burning. The hot precombustion air (discussed above) also adds to this high efficiency since the outgoing flue gases are used again to produce more energy which, at the same time, makes the stoves cleaner burning by pre-combusting pollutants to produce the lowest possible finedust pollution. Pre-heated combustion air ensures complete burning and maximum use of the heating gases. DAN SKAN stoves are burned and controlled without the need for electricity to provide you future-proof heating independence from a cost-effective renewable resource – wood. By using less of this cheap fuel your new DAN SKAN stove will quickly pay for itself, many times over its lifetime!


Only the best materials are used to build a DAN SKAN stove. In former times clay firebricks were used for the fire chamber lining but nowadays we use the improved and highly heat reflecting Skamol panels which are made from vermiculite, a naturally occurring material. Skamol, as well as the highly heat resistant ceramic glass we use, both products originally invented for the aerospace industry, contribute to the criteria that the very best quality products should feature.


DAN SKAN stoves address current health concerns. Woven fibre gaskets used in other stoves, which deteriorate during use, could introduce unhealthy glass fibres into the living room air which unfortunately some people with allergies could have a negative reaction to, with possible long-lasting health consequences. That’s why DAN SKAN only use abrasionfree metal gasket or very tightly woven tubular sealing on their stoves. For people with house-dust allergy it is important that you can easily clean or vacuum the convection airways of the stove which move the warm air around the room. All DAN SKAN convection backplates and the side panels are very easy to remove and will allow you to do this regularly and in a matter of minutes.


A top connecting flue will always provide a better flue draught and therefore better efficiency, but in some installations a top flue may not always be possible and a rear flue may be the preferred solution. Many DAN SKAN stoves feature an easily switched top (HT) and rear flue (HB) configured option but some models may only be flued from the top (HT), so check this out before you make your decision. An exposed top flue pipe will also contribute heat to the room. Please refer to local, national and European building regulations on installation matters.


DAN SKAN convection stoves are designed to gently move warm air around your living space and because the minimum distances to combustible materials are considerably less than for traditional radiant stoves their applications can be both practical and safe, especially for contemporary open-plan living. The minimum and maximum heat output range is shown on the table on page 88. In addition some models in the new MODERN LINE range feature a ‘heat sink’ option to provide the release of stored heat long after the stove has gone out. Your authorised DAN SKAN partner will be happy to help and advise you on the best heat output and stove type for your living space.