SINCE 1972
Our motto is ‘beauty in a Nordic style‘. Things which add pleasure to life = original DAN SKAN stoves, combining comfort and design. DAN SKAN partners offer you quality, authenticity and originality in their products and through excellent co-operation with them DAN SKAN remains highly competitive and committed to producing desirable and efficient stoves – we are literally one big DAN SKAN family.

We introduced the first fire-view stove in 1967 for relaxing in comfort, and for heating and cooking, just like our modern-day stoves.
Even as early as 1972 we designed and produced stoves according our own original ideas. At this time no one was really thinking about the energy crisis. We only thought about comfortable living and heating.
However, over the years, many things were developed first of all by us, so today we are proud to say: original DAN SKAN! Our ideas and our know-how give us the edge. Our aim is, and always has been, to combine beauty with utility, and to always offer our customers the utmost in workmanship, finishing, function and design!

DAN SKAN works under its international protected brands DAN SKAN, DAN STOVE, DANNE and DANKAM. Our self-developed products are patented. Innovation comes naturally to DAN SKAN; richness of ideas and creativity follow us along our chosen path.

Following the path of our Viking ancestors we still work in the utmost Danish Scandinavian tradition: original DAN SKAN! Heybey (our family’s name), Hedeby, Haitabhu are the same name. Haitabu, close to the modern city of Schleswig at the river Schlei, was the largest Viking trade center at the beginning of the last millenium.

The fascination of our design in Nordic style can barely be shown in a brochure and therefore we cordially invite you to visit your DAN SKAN partner to see the quality with your own eyes and where a warm welcome will surely await you.

Warmest regards,

The (Viking) family Heybey